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Adoption Application
Please answer ALL questions on this application. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.  Simply cut/copy/paste these questions.....highlight (by clicking and holding left mouse button until all area is highlighted that you want to copy), right click on highlighted area, when pop up menu comes up, click on "copy", then press email at the bottom, and in the body of your new email, right click on the blank space, another pop up menu, and click "paste".  Then, you can go through and type in all your answers to the questions below:

Street Address:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:

Email Address (REQUIRED):
Applicant’s Employer:
Co-Applicant’s employer:

1)  How did you find this web site?

2) What do you know about Chinese Shar-Pei (temperament, health, etc)?

3) Why do you want to adopt a Chinese Shar-Pei? Please give all reasons that apply (companion, guard dog, gift, to breed, personal protection, for children, other). Do you have a preference (coat, color, sex, age)

4) How long have you lived at the above address?

5) Do you rent or own your current home?  

6) What type of home do you current live in?  

7) If you rent, please provide us with your landlord's name and phone number.
Please note that we will contact your landlord.

8) If you have children living in your home or that visit on a regular basis, please indicate their name, sex, and ages(s).

9) Have you ever owned a Chinese Shar-Pei?

10)If you have other animals, please fill out the section below:
 Breed: Age: Spayed/Neutered?
 Breed: Age: Spayed/Neutered?
 Breed: Age: Spayed/Neutered?
 Breed: Age: Spayed/Neutered?

12)If you have owned animals in the past, what happened to those animals?
13) Are your current pets current on their vaccinations and heartworm preventative (where applicable)?

14) Are you familiar with heartworm preventative and the vaccinations that are necessary?
15) We require that all animals adopted from us be spayed/neutered. If you have any questions/concerns/reservations about this policy, please explain below.

16) Please provide us with the name/address/phone number of your veterinarian. We will call them for a reference. Also one other professional reference.

17) Do you have a fenced yard?

18) What kind of fencing do you have?

19) If you DO NOT have a fence, how will your Shar-Pei be exercised and go to the bathroom?

20) Where do you plan on keeping your Chinese Shar-Pei the MAJORITY of the time?

21) Where will your Chinese Shar-Pei sleep at night?

22) What will you do with your Chinese Shar-Pei where there is no one at home?

23) What will you do if your Chinese Shar-Pei exhibits bad behavior? ie..being destructive, soiling the house, barking, etc.

24) Do you understand that this dog may not be housebroken and are you willing to take the time to properly housetrain?

25) Do you understand that it may take this dog time (at least 30 days) to adapt to his new environment and family?

26) What are your preferences for your adopted dog? ie..age, sex, color, etc.

27) Would you be willing to adopt a dog with a medical condition (allergies, thyroid problem, etc). Note..we will not adopt out a dog with a major medical problem such as cancer.

28) Would you be willing to adopt a dog with a behavior problem (chewing, separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, not housebroken, etc.)

29)Did you see a particular dog on our website that you are interested in? If so, please indicate in the below space..)

30) Please write any additional comments below. Use this space to also indicate any health or behavior problems that you could NOT handle (dog aggression, cat aggression, daily medication,etc.)

31) How far are you willing to drive to get this dog? If applicable. And/Or Are you willing to pay for this pei to be shipped to you?

After you've highlighted/copied this application.............
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