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Foster Guidelines
Foster Home Policies / Procedures
We ask that you provide the same care and love to your foster Shar-Pei as you would to your own dog, specifically regarding the following:
HOUSING: We prefer that the dog be kept primarily as an indoor house pet so you may properly evaluate temperament and behavior. Pending circumstances, some homes with indoor/outdoor kennels may also be approved. We still need daily interaction with the pet for evaluation.
FEEDING: In most cases, it is vital to feed your fostered pet an appropriate diet, allow time for a consistent level of exercise, and keep in a clean environment to maintain or improve the dog's health. Since we are not funded, we sincerely appreciate whatever financial support our foster homes can provide towards their foster dogs' daily maintenance needs.
MEDICAL CARE: We gladly accept donations from a foster home or virtual sponsor that is willing to donate towards these expenses.  (Other info on adoption form).  Please advise before fostering whether you can help w/vet costs.
PLEASE NOTE: We must forewarn the serious nature and importance of completing veterinarian recommendations for post-surgery or other medical treatments. All of our veterinary care is paid by individuals and we cannot afford to entrust care of our foster dogs to homes that do not have the necessary time, understanding, and/or dedication to follow prescribed care. Unnecessary repeat surgeries or procedures due to a foster home's negligence or mistreatment is considered unacceptable and a potential legal recourse for liability!
If you do not feel comfortable or prepared to handle particular urgent care or medical recovery needs of our Pei i.e. spay/neuter surgery, heartworm treatments, or other procedures that require supervised assistance, please tell before accepting a foster dog assignment. Limited approval foster homes may be assigned animals that have completed all required medical care.
DAILY MAINTENANCE: Even after each foster dog has completed necessary surgeries, examinations, and health checks, we still expect foster homes to maintain all regular grooming (i.e. bathing, cleaning ears, trimming nails). You will also be responsible for administering any necessary medications, preventative heartworm and flea treatments.
HEALTH EMERGENCIES: Immediately notify the appropriate person, who will be appointed at the time of your foster, of any unusual behavior or if the dog is having any difficulty moving or otherwise acting unusually. It is better to call and ask than to have the dog become seriously ill or get in the habit of an unacceptable behavior.
We know you will find that being a Foster home is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. There is a great sense of satisfaction upon seeing the dog you have lovingly cared for receive a second chance and become a beloved permanent pet to the adopting family. You were vital in making that possible! If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact me. Someone will respond as soon as possible. Again, thank you!

If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out our prospective application, and send to:
Misty Robison
2521 Garrett Hollow Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101-6516

Questions? Please email:
After your application is received someone will call you and arrange an appointment to visit your home to discuss the foster program. Please be aware that it may take 2 weeks or more from the time you mail your application to the time you receive your call. We work as quickly as possible, but are limited. Please contact us if you do not hear from us within the 2 weeks. Your application may have been lost or delayed in the mail.

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