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Pheonix's Prince of Conrads
Hello. My name is Misty Blair and I have an AKC registered Chinese Shar Pei, who needs a good home. He is sweet, loveable, and very smart.  He loves to lay in your lap, to have  his meaty jaws rubbed, and to play with his toys.  I will tell you the story behind this, and you can tell me if you can help at all. He is about 1 1/2 years old, and has been our family pet since he was 4 weeks old. I have 2 children, ages 9 and 4. We love him dearly, but he has bitten a child last Sunday. The little girl that he bit, is the next door neighbor, who I actually told wasn't allowed to come over because she would be mean to him, and her mother wouldn't say anything at all to her about it. The day before this incident, she was over here, and was hitting him on the head with a toy, and I stopped her and took him outside away from her. Then Sunday, she was walking over here, by herself (with my son) and he took off after them. My boy told him to get down, and told the neighbor girl not to run, and she stopped. My husband hollared for Conrad, and he turned around to come back......then the little girl took off running again. Immediately after, Conrad got her. Now I have to decide what to do with him. The neighbors are scared of him now, and I cannot keep him. They want me to put him to sleep. I will if I have to.....I have decided. But I have cried for days.......every since this happened. He is our inside house pet, and he is so loveable and sweet. I would really like to look at all other possiblilites for him. Do you have any advice you can share with me? I will be willing to adopt him out TO A FAMILY WITH NO CHILDREN!!! To a family who agrees to the responsibility of keeping him from children, like if a child happens to come over, put him up where he doesn't get near them. I am just afraid after this incident he will not like ANY children! And I do not want to take a chance at this happening again. I would like to prevent it and still let him live a happy life. He is completely house broken, and used to the country life. He is on 3 acres right now, to where when he goes out, he can run and play. And he is pretty much not right on top of anybody else. He would have to be either walked on a leash, or have a fenced yard to go potty and to go on walks and stuff. He is crate trained (will go into a pet taxi upon command or even if you just say "good night"), he sits on command, he lays on command, and shakes on command. He is up to date on all vaccinations..Please let me know what your opinion is and if you can help me in ANY way. I do not want to have to kill my Pei-by!!!! Thanks Misty

 IF YOU WANT TO ADOPT HIM, PLEASE                      
Conrad in Jail!!!!!!!  He was in Quarentine                                   CONTACT ME!
for 10 days, and was pitiful in the kennel.

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