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About Me

Me and my two boys (Austin,5 and Justin,10)
      They don't always look so thrilled! lol

Hello!  I LOVE the Chinese Shar Pei!!!!  I bought my first shar pei when I was pregnant with my younger child, which was over 6 years ago!  We got a little black brushcoat female, who became part of our family.  When people would ask me when I was going to try to have a little girl, I would say, Nope, Already have one, and I would whip out a picture of Keisha!!!!!!!  They thought I was nuts, but I loved her.  While I was gone to work one night, my boyfriend let her outside, and had fallen asleep.  When I came home from work, I had a funny feeling, and then seen that she wasn't inside, so I searched and searched.  I looked through the 1500 acres around us (from about 2am) until well after daylight.  I put posters up everywhere, and notified every single person I could think of.  Finally, after telling the mail lady, she told me that she had seen her run over by a train.  We cried for weeks...........but this is how I got into loving the Chinese Shar Pei. (Needless to say, I left him...after 5 years together. We'll let this page be dedicated to my PeiBy  "Keisha".

     I am a 26 year old,  shar pei lover, with 2 children.  I have 2 sons.  I live on 3 acres in Kentucky.  I hope you have enjoyed my site, and will become a helping part of my "rescueing and adopting Chinese Shar Pei" venture!  Thanks again!

                                 Me and My (soon to be ex-)Hubby
                                      May 1, 2001

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